Lost At Sea For 29 Days, Two Solomon Islanders Survive On Coconuts And Prayers

NEW DELHI: Lost at sea for 29 days, two Solomon Islanders survived on coconuts, oranges and prayers before being rescued 400lm away off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

The two men were travelling between islands in the unpredictable Solomon Sea, when their seven-metre boat got caught in rough weather on September 3. Livae Nanjikana and Junior Qoloni lost sight of land in the “heavy rain, dark clouds and strong winds”, Nanjikana said on Friday. As the battery in their GPS died and night approached, they switched off their engine to save fuel.

For the first nine days, they lived on oranges they had packed for the trip. When those ran out, Nanjikana said they survived on rainwater, coconuts “and our faith in God”. They were near Papua New Guinea when they saw a fisherman. “We shouted and waved our hands. He saw us and paddled towards us,” Nanjikana said.

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Lost at sea for 29 days, pair survive on coconuts, oranges


Lost at sea for 29 days, pair survive on coconuts, oranges